Sunday, October 28, 2012

Xubnutu Rocks

Converted 3rd machine to Xubuntu from Windows 7, my brother's machine it works like charm.

Xubuntu really rocks. Its very light weight operating system, boots and shutdown with lightening speed, its so user friendly even your granny can use it.

Has everything that you would need on a home PC, you can download movies using torrent :) , play audio,video , you can browse, has a app-store kinda of thing called ubuntu software center, which has huge collection of really cool softwares.
you constantly keep getting updates as you get on Windows and Mac.

To experience it you do not really need to install it ,

1) just download the iso file from

2) burn it on a CD ( you dont need DVD its that small)
3) Restart your machine and boot from CD.

That's all, experience it, if you like it install it.
Need any help comment here.

 highly recommended for PCs and laptop 3-4 year old or more, cause its meant for machines with older configurations, so that they still remain usable and valuable