Monday, April 15, 2013

highlight text, Comment annotateon web pages and collaborating with friends and colleagues using annotary

I had been looking  for a tool to

  1. highlight portion of text on web pages
  2. comment on web pages
  3. draw circle shapes on pages to highlight important sections of pages
  4. add a sticky note on some highlightes section of pages, on top of which i can collabrate with my friends.
I tried following tools 

Web Klipper - 
 + Simple and best , I can highlight section of text, color is prominent florescent yellow
 + I can share the highlitest text with others
 - when i share somehting with frineds, its opens them in webklipper url.

-Its slow
-It requires a toolbar.

+ Its quite old and famous tool
+ allows all except collaboration

- usability is not all that good
-UI looks quite old

+ this was best among all
+ Its fullfilled all my requirements except collaboration, collaboration is a paid feature
+Usability is good, UI is good.
+ even though collaboration is not there , you can see what your friend have highlighted on current page.