Friday, September 20, 2013

"" One of the best cloud storage and file Sync service like Dropbox, Google drive, Skydrive.

Copy.Com is a cloud storage and file sync service like Dropbox/Google Drive/ SkyDrive/Box etc. I  have used Dropbox, Google Drive and Box very extensively. I have very rarely seen such an amazing feature rich and mature software as version 1 from any newcomer in market. Its from famous hard drive maker Barracuda. They are giving away 15GB Free space for new sign up. 

They have some amazing referral scheme.  Referrer and Referred both earn 5 GB free space, hence this post :), and there is no upper-cap like dropbox has 16 GB upper-cap.

Please sign up only and only using my link 

Here is my review comment: 
  • Their web interface doesn't require any learning, its  ditto as as Mac OS Finder.
  • After installing their desktop sync client  you can simply right-click and get a public link of a folder, which you can share with anyone.
  • Their Sync client for desktop is super fast,and smart, it chooses to upload small files first before uploading bigger files.
  • They have local peer discovery. I had sync client installed on three PCs in same network, It copied about 1.5 GB data in less than a minute, that was lightening fast, I was shocked as it was faster than normal network files transfer, don't believe me? you think I am bragging, try it out yourself in high speed LAN. 
  • Sync client has options to limit upload/download rate ( I wish they had option to schedule rate changes)
  • Sync client has options to choose which files you want to sync ( normally everyone will have this)
  • Android app has option to auto-upload newly clicked photo/video to cloud(It has becomes norms now).
  • You would be able to preview all most all types of files on their web interface. 
  • Like all other cloud storage vendors they also have client for all sort of devices and computers.
Whats missing?
  • Local peer discovery doesn't work for Windows 8 PC.
  • Dint get any option to 'create a new folder' while sharing pics from Gallery via Copy. However their android app had an option to create folder, and had an option browse through images on phone and upload.
  • Bug: On Windows 8 notifications wouldn't come on desktop ( like you get from dropbox or outlook email notification). 
  • Limitation: Web interface had no search option or may be I couldn;t discover it)
  • Bug: On my desktop 1 (win7), I pasted a 1.5 GB folder into root folder of Copy, It took about 1.5 hours to upload, while this folder was getting uploaded, on 2nd Win8 desktop (that was in the same network) , this 1.5 GB folder newly pasted never appeared. It dint appear event one after it was completely uploaded from my desktop 1, So its seems they have some bug with Win8 client, but when I installed the Copy client on 3rd win7 desktop, It copied everything in about 1 minute as mentioned before.
Final verdict? 
Its a must to have, its as mature as Dropbox in its first version itself. It gives more free space than dropbox. its very fast. 
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  1. Well Dropbox is the most reliable software ever used by me.Let's see how effective copy software is to sync important data.

    Silvester Norman

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    1. as for me, I'm perfectly happy with Zoolz.
      The unlimited offer of theirs is easy on my mind and pocket.

  2. The maker is "Barracuda Networks", NOT Barracuda, the hard drive maker. Barracuda Networks makes spam firewalls among other things - just not hard drives

    1. Barracuda Networks makes spam firewalls that were found to have huge backdoors in them. Skeptical.

  3. The maker is "Barracuda Networks", NOT Barracuda, the hard drive maker. Barracuda Networks makes spam firewalls among other things - just not hard drives They are made by Seagate.

  4. I use Dropbox, but it is not unlimited. Is there an unlimited free storage cloud I should try?

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